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About Us

Ministry for widows and orphans in India


My country is a country where there is a terrible drought, but in my country, there are many poor people who are orphans and poor. God has fulfilled an idea at that time. That is what God wanted to talk to me one night. He gave me LUKE: 14: 13. From this verse, I had an idea and came up with the grace of God that I wanted to start an orphanage.

The orphanage was started 8 years ago as The Poor Children’s Welfare Center. At that time there were 35 orphaned children out of which 20 were boys and 15 were girls. There were so many orphaned children that we could not give them the right food and the right clothes because we had no money. They did not have good accommodation. But now you have to help by sponsoring and adopting these orphaned children. Help the Poor Children Welfare Center.